International Permaculture Design Certificate Course

with a focus on Nature Connection and Social Peace

with Warren Brush

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April 30th – May 13th 2017, near Lake Constance, Southern Germany

This training offers you principles and tools for your next step towards a more regenerative way of life as well as for developing healthy regional and local structures – for the future of many generations to come.

You will learn a holistic design science and actionable design system that is rooted in a deep understanding of ecological systems and relationships. It that can enable you to design super productive gardens or larger habitats for people and all the rest of nature, that yield an abundance of shelter, water, energy, and food for the provision of local needs that provide diversity, stability, and resilience for local population – an ability to meet challenges and keep evolving in healthy ways, even during times of crises.

farm-3-650x433It can also be applied to design households, settlements, towns, farms, forest gardens, landscapes, enterprises, software applications, technologies, machines and so much more, as well as combinations of all these – that save or even create resources in regenerative ways.

Permaculture systems were originally serving local food production, after a while it spread out into ecological building, water and waste system design, energy production and local economical and financial systems as well as the design of social structures.


The PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate Course)

farm-2If you are looking for a practical opportunity to create a more sustainable and nature connected life for yourself and your wider community, this intensive course is made for you!

The principles that you will learn in this program can be implemented in companies and organizations of all kinds, working in almost any field, as well as within the family or just for your own personal life path.

Permaculture can be applied to almost every area of life and society; it therefore carries an amazing potential for positive transformation towards a regenerative human life in the world.

In this course you will receive an extensive introduction into the foundation, principles and methods of permaculture design.

Furthermore you will practice tools for deepening your own connection to nature. Through this you will be enabled and empowered to shape your own permaculture practice, so it can be in alignment with a place and its ecosystem, for example by strengthening your sensory awareness for patterns and indicators and by developing your ability to interpret these.

Through many stories you will be able to hear how permaculture and nature connection have been supporting social peace in many different places in the world.

permaculture-6Another element of the course will be to learn and to practice ways of communicating that can help you to facilitate healthy and creative connections to customers, collaborators and your community.

Through the project work that will be done on site during the workshop you will be able to apply and deepen a large part of the teachings and topics right there, and to gain worthy feedback for your own permaculture practice.

You are about to embark on a powerful, transformative community experience, supported by the beautiful nature around us, as well as by our approach to education that is utilizing natural patterns to design and facilitate holistic learning experiences.

Upon completion of this course you will receive the internationally accredited Permaculture Design Certificate.

Are you…

…searching for ways of sustainable livelihood that are in alignment with the needs of nature and the human family? Do you appreciate dreaming big, thinking with creativity and taking bold actions in doable steps?

Then this workshop might be just right for you!

Warren Brush


Warren Brush is a global permaculture design consultant, educator, a mentor, storyteller, a certified Permaculture designer and teacher. He has worked for over 25 years in sustainable systems design for communities, private and public organizations, households, small holder farms, and conservation properties worldwide.

His passion is to inspire people of all ages to discover, nurture and express their inherent gifts while living in a sustainable manner.

Warren is co-founder and tender of Quail Springs Permaculture, Regenerative Earth Enterprises, Sustainable Vocations, Wilderness Youth Project, Casitas Valley Farm and Creamery and his Permaculture design company, True Nature Design.

He is a consultant for USAID’s TOPS (Technical, Operations, Performance Support) program where he trains technical field staff, for their African Food for Peace programs, in a Resilience Design Framework.
Warren works extensively in Permaculture education and sustainable systems design in North America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Australia.

He has been studying for many years with Martín Prechtel, the Oglala Lakota elder Gilbert Walking Bull, the Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp as well as other peacemakers from different traditions. Warren himself has devoted many years to mentoring youth and adults to inspire and equip them to live in a sustainable manner with integrity and a hopeful outlook. His mentoring includes working with those who are former child soldiers, orphans, youth, young adults, families and indigenous peoples worldwide.

He teaches a variety of courses including: Permaculture Design Certification, Permaculture for International Development, Train the Trainer, Consultancy Training, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Ferro-Cement Tank Building, Spring Rejuvenation, Compost Toilet Systems, Water for Every Farm, Drought Proofing, Earthworks, Ecological Restoration, Cultural Mentoring, Introduction to Permaculture Systems, Food Forestry, and Origins Skills among other offerings.

Warren is an amazing storyteller, who intricately weaves together threads of wisdom, knowledge, vision and skill, thus creating a unique, creative and potent learning experience.


Susanne Fischer-Rizzi 

…internationally known specialist for phytotherapy, a pioneer of aroma therapy and for us also one of the keepers of our cultural roots here in Central Europe.

Susanne has written 14 books that were translated into various languages and is mainly teaching at her own a school Arven in Southern Germany, she is also a sought after teacher for workshops all over the world.

Susanne will visit us during the course and spend a whole day with us exploring the topic of “Patterns in the Culture and Landscape in Europe”.


Join in

Sunday, April 30th from 6:30 pm till Saturday May 13th 2017, 2 pm

Course Fee: 990 € (if you register after March 15th 2017)


Early Bird: 850 € (if you register before March 15th 2017)


900 € for participants of our Introductory Workshop in 2016

plus food and board (in your own tent or in a dorm, with simple, yummy, local organic food)

More information on our registration page.

The number of places is limited, we therefore recommend to register early.  (Once all spots are booked we will open a waiting list.) 


The course will be run in Englisch with simultaneous translation into German through head phones.  


Our location is the Hangab-Center near Lake Constance. The site is situated on a South slope of a chain of hills, from which on clear days we will have a breathtaking view across the slopes and valleys all the way down to Lake Constance and the Swiss Alps behind it. Our camp is settled into lush meadows and pastures, surrounded by forests with beech and spruce trees as well as little streams.

The nights you can either spend in your own tent, in a dorm with your own mat and sleeping bag, or in a nearby pension or hotel (additional costs).

The meals are being cooked on site by our cooks Inga and Florian – simple organic, locally grown and yummy.

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